Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to make a million dollar in an year

These days if you need to lead a peaceful life you have to increase your earning power.Now the question is how? If u think of making a million dollar it seems to be impossible,the below calculation might look a bit realistic if u try....
$1000000 Now 1000000/365(days)=2739.72=2740(rounded)
So $2740 a day
If you are capable of making any product with least cost and sell it at $20 u have to sell 137 pieces a day.
If you can sell a product or a membership at $100 u need to
sell 27 products a day
In addition your google adsense also will help you.
In my next post i will try to post some sugessted prducts to sell online and biforcate the $2700 a day.
bye for now

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