Friday, April 18, 2008

Step 0.1

Hi My step 0.1(not 1st step 0.1)10 such little steps shall take us to step1
Ad clicking
I ve joined with bux clicking.On going through the forum i am confident that i too will be paid soon
To join
Join and spend 3 minutes per day you earn 10 cents per day,looks very small but the good thing here is your referral clicks 10 ads per day you make another 10 cents 100 referals under you click 10 ads you make $10 a day and your 10 cents i .e for 3 minutes work you are paid $10.10
Join and keep clicking hardly 3 minutes a day you spend on this site(30 secs for each ad,avg 10 ads daily).
Tip of the day* Little drops of water together make an ocean.
To join
Bye for now

Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to make a million dollar in an year

These days if you need to lead a peaceful life you have to increase your earning power.Now the question is how? If u think of making a million dollar it seems to be impossible,the below calculation might look a bit realistic if u try....
$1000000 Now 1000000/365(days)=2739.72=2740(rounded)
So $2740 a day
If you are capable of making any product with least cost and sell it at $20 u have to sell 137 pieces a day.
If you can sell a product or a membership at $100 u need to
sell 27 products a day
In addition your google adsense also will help you.
In my next post i will try to post some sugessted prducts to sell online and biforcate the $2700 a day.
bye for now

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting rich...

Hi there,
I would post some very useful and easy to start business models here. I shall try my best to keep my site different and unique.
Thank you

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